Episode 02: Poops And Sliiiiip Are Cold Men

We did another episode, and it’s a dandy! Poops runs down his first season playing hockey on an 1-11 team, and inspires us to look at some Winnipeg Jets history. Sliiiiip bought a cartwall app and wants to show off some cheesy sound drops! We review a movie so bad that Poops couldn’t even finish it. And then we discuss terrible songs written by some of our favorite artists. Plus we jazzed up the intro to the show. It’s a MUST LISTEN!!!

Cover Episode 02


Featured Tracks

01  Midnight Star “Operator” INTRO
02  Tenacious D “The Government Totally Sucks”
03  Peter Gabriel “The Barry Williams Show”
04  Oasis “Guess God Thinks I’m Abel”
05  Michael Jackson “D.S.”
06  Genesis “Illegal Alien”
07  Digital Underground “Tie The Knot”
08  David Bowie “China Girl”
09  Red Hot Chili Peppers “They’re Red Hot”
10  Green Day “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)”
11  Meat Puppets “Lake Of Fire”
12  Eddie Vedder “Can’t Keep”
13  Midnight Star “Operator” OUTRO

Episode 01: The Beginning Of The End

Hay hay hay it’s the Mezzanine Sleepover! The inaugural episode is a real firecracker, folks. We review an especially sexy episode of Degrassi Junior High and then list some of our most memorable summer songs. We also touch on the death of wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes and pontificate on Winnipeg Jets fans’ ridiculous obsession with the Arizona Coyotes.

Cover Episode 01


Featured Tracks

01  Drunk Mums “Big Titty Trippin” INTRO
02  Burton Cummings “Fine State Of Affairs”
03  Prince “Electric Chair”
04  Nirvana “In Bloom”
05  Matthew Sweet “Sick Of Myself”
06  Spacehog “In The Meantime”
07  Moxy Früvous “Stuck In The 90s”
08  Hootie & The Blowfish “Hannah Jane”
09  Ben Folds Five “Evaporated”
10  Supergrass “Pumping On Your Stereo”
11  Drunk Mums “Big Titty Trippin” OUTRO