Episode 06: Musical Mark Out Moments

It’s our SHORTEST EPISODE EVER. Well, we actually recorded for well over two hours, and then decided to cut the show in half. So here’s the first part, where we talk about the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Hulk Hogan, and we review our top musical mark out moments. We may reference other stuff during the show with no follow up, but that’ll all be on next week’s show. Enjoy yourselves!

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Featured Tracks

01  Kool & The Gang “Open Sesame” INTRO
02  Rush “Red Barchetta”
03  Def Leppard “Photograph”
04  The Stone Roses “I Am The Resurrection”
05  Pixies “Monkey Gone To Heaven”
06  Genesis “Behind The Lines”
07  Genesis “Duchess”
08  Genesis “Guide Vocal”
09  Matthew Good “Near Fantastica”
10  Colin James “Just Came Back”
11  The White Stripes “Ball & Biscuit”
12  Prince “Little Red Corvette”
13  Elbow “Station Approach”
14  Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under The Bridge (Live)”
15  Mikal Cronin “Change”
16  Rooney “When Did Your Heart Go Missing?”
17  LCD Soundsystem “Dance Yrself Clean”
18  Kool & The Gang “Open Sesame” OUTRO

Episode 05: The Price of Gold

Poops made an intro for this week’s show that generated some discussion. Then we talked about littering in Winnipeg. Poops talks about the #366Tunes Project. Sliiiiip LOVES the ESPN documentary that we reviewed this week. And then we talk about our favourite musical discoveries. COME AND LISTEN, PALS!

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Featured Tracks

01  MTBRD “Give You” INTRO
02  Stezo “To The Max”
03  Unknown Artist “Intrada In C Major”
04  The Grid “Swamp Thing (Southern Comfort Mix)”
05  Barrett Deems Big Band “Time After Time”
06  Mogwai “Stanley Kubrick”
07  Young MC “Lingerie”
08  Kool & The Gang “Jungle Boogie”
09  Herb Alpert “Rise”
10  Ghostland Observatory “Heavy Heart”
11  Hot Leg “Cocktails”
12  Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel “When The Morning Greets You With A Smile”
13  Cyndi Lauper “Fun With V. Knutsn” OUTRO

Episode 04: It’s Beats Time

Holy shit! Our old pal Ali Au Gratin joins @sliiiiip and @poopsmckenzee for this week’s episode! We talk about the original Mezzanine Sleepover, backyard wrestling, and shenanigans in the 90’s. Plus, we review Don Cherry’s Rock Em Sock Em Part II, and this week’s list is albums from the 90’s that you’d take with you to a deserted island. CRAZY!!! Come and join us for some fun!

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Featured Tracks

01  Young MC “Principal’s Office” INTRO
02  Don Cherry “Grape Jam”
03  Peter Gabriel “Shaking The Tree (Live)”
04  Matthew Good Band “Prime Time Deliverance”
05  Foo Fighters “Learn To Fly”
06  Travis “Writing To Reach You”
07  Stereophonics “Roll Up And Shine”
08  I Mother Earth “One More Astronaut”
09  The Herbaliser “Goldrush”
10  I Mother Earth “Used To Be Alright”
11  Red Hot Chili Peppers “Power Of Equality”
12  A Tribe Called Quest “The Hop”
13  Pixes “The Happening”
14  Mystery Machine “Everyone’s Alright”
15  Pearl Jam “Leash”
16  The Smashing Pumpkins “Cherub Rock”
17  Matthew Good Band “Strangest One Of All”
18  The Tragically Hip “Wheat Kings” OUTRO

Episode 03: Getting Lucky On Manada Day

Celebrate Canada Day with Poops and Sliiiiip! We talk about the Winnipeg Jets draft and their love for American hockey players. Sliiiiip talks about how he was BANNED FROM BAND CAMP. We review a terrible episode of Alf, and then we reveal songs that are guilty pleasures of ours (Spoiler alert: They’re pretty terrible).

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Featured Tracks

01  P-Funk All Stars “Pumpin’ It Up” INTRO
02  Katy Perry “Birthday (Cash Cash Remix)”
03  Rascal Flatts “Life Is A Highway”
04  Limp Bizkit “My Way”
05  Miley Cyrus “Party In The U.S.A.”
06  Florida Georgia Line “Cruise”
07  Genesis “I Can’t Dance (Sex Mix)”
08  Fastball “Fire Escape”
09  Pilate “Into Your Hideout”
10  Robbie Williams “Let Love Be Your Energy”
11  Spice Girls “Stop”
12  Bee Gees “Jive Talkin”
13  Bee Gees “Night Fever”
14  Bee Gees “Stayin’ Alive”
15  Bee Gees “You Should Be Dancing”
16  Roger Whittaker “Canada Is” OUTRO