Episode 20: Top 25 Musical Artists Part 1

After you get a quick update on how #TheTournament ended, we get right into each of our all time Top 25 musical artists. We like the subject matter because it involves our two favourite topics: Music, and ourselves! We go through the artists that ranked from 25 to 11 this week, saving the Top 10 for next week’s show. Come and have a listen now!

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Featured Tracks

01  Chilliwack “Whatcha Gonna Do” INTRO
02  Living Colour “Cult Of Personality”
03  Wheatus “Teenage Dirtbag”
04  LCD Soundsystem “Time To Get Away”
05  Digital Underground “The Way We Swing”
06  Foo Fighters “My Poor Brain”
07  Suicidal Tendencies “Nobody Hears”
08  Kings Of Leon “Pistol Of Fire”
09  Pure “Anna Is A Speed Freak”
10  Allah-Las “Buffalo Nickel”
11  At The Drive-In “Sleepwalk Capsules”
12  Keane “Crystal Ball”
13  Alice In Chains “Would?”
14  The Beach Boys “I Get Around”
15  The Strokes “What Ever Happened?”
16  Mikal Cronin “Get Along”
17  Red Hot Chili Peppers “Suck My Kiss”
18  The Outhere Brothers “Boom Boom Boom”
19  I Mother Earth “Like A Girl”
20  Prince & The Revolution “When Doves Cry”
21  Oasis “Morning Glory”
22  Hater “Tot Finder”
23  The White Stripes “Stop Breaking Down”
24  The Clash “This Is Radio Clash”
25  Elton John “Levon”
26  Def Leppard “Animal”
27  They Might Be Giants “Birdhouse In Your Soul”
28  The Smashing Pumpkins “Frail & Bedazzled”
28  Parliament “Up For The Down Stroke”
29  Sloan “If It Feels Good Do It”
30  The Darkness “One Way Ticket”
31  Soundgarden “Outshined”
32  Ty Segall “The Drag”
33  Led Zeppelin “The Ocean”

Episode 19: In Your House 4

We took care of BUSINESS on this week’s episode! First, we set up the quarter final matchups in #TheTournament. You can still vote all this week until we crown a winner over at @Mezza9Sleepover on Twitter. Then, we review the WORST WWF PPV OF ALL TIME . . . In Your House 4. A wretched show that we attended live in Winnipeg back in 1995. Hopefully our review is a little more entertaining than the show itself.

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Featured Tracks

01  Audioslave “Show Me How To Love” INTRO
02  Michael Jackson “Wanna Be Starting Somethin”
03  Daft Punk “One More Time”
04  Foo Fighters “Learn To Fly”
05  Elvis Costello “Less Than Zero”
06  Living Colour “Cult Of Personality”
07  Stevie Wonder “Superstition”
08  The Kinks “Lola”
09  Oasis “Live Forever”
10  The Dandy Warhols “Bohemian Like You” OUTRO

The Tournament: Round 2 Results

Here are the official results from Round 2 of THE TOURNAMENT:

The whole thing wraps up this week! Make sure to vote!


Episode 18: The Tournament – Round of 16

We’re down to the Round Of 16 in The Tournament! @megamixdotcom ended up winning 11 of 16 matchups, but @sliiiiip may have made the biggest splash in the initial round. Come and have a listen as we set up some new matchups, and then YOU PICK THE WINNERS! Head over to @mezza9sleepover now to vote on the songs. We’ll post one poll a day for the next week, and the winners will move on to the semi-finals. Go back and hear the last two week’s episodes if you want to check out the first round matchups as well.

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Featured Tracks

01  Ottawan “Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)” INTRO
02  Michael Jackson “Wanna Be Starting Somethin”
03  Janet Jackson “Escapade”
04  Daft Punk “One More Time”
05  Mariah Carey feat. Jay-Z “Heartbreaker”
06  Foo Fighters “Learn to Fly”
07  Our Lady Peace “Clumsy”
08  Radiohead “My Iron Lung”
09  Elvis Costello “Less Than Zero”
10  Living Colour “Cult Of Personality”
11  Stevie Wonder “Superstition”
12  The Notorious B.I.G. “Juicy”
13  The Kinks “Lola”
14  Phil Collins “Don’t Lose My Number”
15  Oasis “Live Forever”
16  King Of Leon “Sex On Fire”
17  The Guess Who “Follow Your Daughter Home” OUTRO

Round 1 Matchup 16 Results


The first round came to a close with a result that has become all-too familiar. @megamixdotcom secured another victory as Mariah Carey’s “Heartbreaker” stomped all over Duran Duran’s “Come Undone.”

The final first round tally? @megamixdotcom 11, @sliiiiip 4. We had one tie, and will address the issue on the upcoming episode.

Thanks to everyone who voted. See ya in Round 2!

This post was updated on November 16, 2015

Round 1 Matchup 15 Results


Your good buddy @sliiiiip scored a very important 4th win as the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy” easily handled 2Pac/Makaveli’s “To Live And Die In L.A.”

This post was updated on November 16, 2015

Round 1 Matchup 13 Results


After a dismal poll response, Radiohead’s “My Iron Lung” toppled Peter Gabriel’s “Digging In The Dirt,” running @megamixdotcom’s record to 9 wins, 3 losses and 1 tie.

This post was updated on November 13, 2015

Round 1 Matchup 12 Results


So, yeah. Matchup 12 lived up to the hype.

Discussed during the podcast as perhaps the best matchup of the first round, it blew up when @LivingColour themselves retweeted the poll to their 29,000+ followers. At closing, the poll had received a whopping 392 entries.

Unsurprisingly, Living Colour’s “Cult Of Personality” ended up beating the Clash’s “Rock The Casbah” handily, and now @sliiiiip is back in the game, having won the last two rounds.

This post was updated on November 12, 2015