Episode 38: Kid Tetris Part One

This week, we spoke to the legend himself: Kid Tetris came onto the sleepover to talk music and great stories! This was one of the episodes that we were looking forward to the most, and it delivered! Come and check it out NOW!

Cover Episode 38


Featured Tracks

01  Doctor Spin “Tetris (7″ Mix)” INTRO
02  Queens Of The Stone Age “I’m Designer”
03  The Hives “B Is For Brutus”
04  James Brown “Get Up (I Feel Like Being Like A) Sex Machine”
05  Detroit Grand Pubahs “One Hump Or Two”
06  Primus “Hamburger Train”
07  Megadeth “Peace Sells”
08  E-40 “Automatic”
09  Nirvana “Aneurysm”
10  See Spot Run “Weightless”
11  Gregory Abbott “Shake You Down”
12  Tenacious D “Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)”
13  Tenacious D “Malibu Nights”
14  Tenacious D “Friendship”
15  Jermaine Jackson “Daddy’s Home”
16  Mike Post & Pete Carpenter “Theme From The A-Team”
17  Puddle Of Mudd “She Hates Me”
18  Kazzer “Pedal To The Metal”
19  Danko Jones “My Love Is Bold”
20  Milli Vanilli “Baby Don’t Forget My Number”
21  Neil Diamond “Cracklin’ Rosie”
22  Meat Loaf “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”
23  The Chords “Sh-Boom”
24  The Kids In The Hall “Bim Bam Baby”
25  Spice 1 “Sucka Ass Niggas” OUTRO

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