Episode 120: Royal Rumble 1994

Here it is, folks! With Royal Rumble season here, we review the 1994 edition of the Royal Rumble. It was terrible, yet memorable at the same time. We also give you the latest update in the Winnipeg’s Top Street Tournament, and set up the Division Finals! Come and have a listen now!

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Winnipeg’s Top Street Division Finals

Eight streets are left as the Winnipeg’s Top Street tournament hits the home stretch. Cast yer votes now!


#1 Portage Avenue vs. #24 Taché Avenue

In the divisional semifinal, Portage Avenue got 60% of the vote in its matchup with Donald Street. Taché Avenue scored an upset over 8th seeded Provencher Blvd to advance.


#4 Osborne Street vs. #5 Corydon Avenue

Osborne Street toppled St. Mary’s Road by 18 votes in the third round, while Corydon Avenue beat Wolseley Avenue by the same margin to move on.


#2 Main Street vs. #23 King Street

Main Street beat Memorial Blvd in their divisional semifinal, while King Street easily beat the 7th seeded Ellice Avenue in yet another upset victory.


#3 Broadway vs. #6 Academy Road

Broadway held back a push from the 46th seed Albert Street to avoid the upset, and Academy Road scored yet another easy win in its matchup against River Avenue.

Episode 119: He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe

First off, we take care of business with the latest update in the Winnipeg’s Top Streets tournament. We go over the Round 2 matchups, and set up Round 3. Head over to www.mezzaninesleepover.com now to get your votes in! Then we talk about a goofy episode of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe. It’s a good time as always, so check it out!

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Winnipeg’s Top Street Division Semifinals

48 streets down and 16 to go – it’s the Division Semifinal round of the Winnipeg’s Top Street tournament! Vote now!


#1 Portage Avenue vs. #49 Donald Street

Portage Avenue got just under 60% of the vote en route to beating Valour Road in Round Two. Donald Street scored a big upset over Regent Avenue W to advance.

#8 Provencher Blvd vs. #24 Taché Avenue

Provencher handled Kingston Row in the second round, while Taché beat up on the 9th seeded Sherbrook Street to advance.


#4 Osborne Street vs. #13 St. Mary’s Road

Osborne Street got 66% of the votes in defeating Arlington Street, while St. Mary’s Road received 71% of the votes against Stradbrook Avenue.

#5 Corydon Avenue vs. #12 Wolseley Avenue

Corydon absolutely destroyed Marion Street, which ended up getting only 4 votes out of the 138 cast. Wolseley Avenue handily defeated Kenaston Blvd to advance.


#2 Main Street vs. #47 Memorial Blvd

As expected, Main Street easily beat Lagimodière Boulevard in Round Two. Memorial Blvd, on the other hand, eked out a 3-vote upset over the 15th seeded Selkirk Avenue.

#7 Ellice Avenue vs. #23 King Street

Ellice won a tight victory over Ness Avenue in the second round, while King Street upset the 10th seeded Wellington Crescent by only two votes.


#3 Broadway vs. #46 Albert Street

Broadway advancing was no surprise as it garnered 61% of the votes against River Road. Underdog Albert Street laid a beating on the 14th seeded Grant Avenue to continue its improbable run.

#6 Academy Road vs. #22 River Avenue

Academy Road knocked around Higgins Avenue to advance, while River Avenue upset the 11th seeded Pembina Highway.

Episode 118: Winnipeg’s Top Street (Round Two)

It’s the tournament to crown Winnipeg’s Top Street, and round one is OVER! Our pal @winnipegMACK joins us as we review the results and set up the matchups for the 32 remaining streets. Get your votes in starting on January 15th! Round two polls will be open all week!

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Winnipeg’s Top Street: Round Two Matchups

For Round Two of the Winnipeg’s Top Street Tournament, we’ve put all the matchups on one page. Vote now!


#1 Portage Avenue vs. #33 Valour Road

In the opening round, Portage Avenue routed the Perimeter Highway with 84% of the vote, while Valour Road toppled St. James Street in a tight race.

#17 Regent Avenue W vs. #49 Donald Street

Regent Avenue W advanced after defeating Archibald Street. Donald Street upset the 16th seeded Henderson Highway, garnering 56% of votes cast.

#9 Sherbrook Street vs. #24 Taché Avenue

Sherbrook Street easily handled Sterling Lyon Parkway in the opening round, while Taché Avenue absolutely destroyed Jefferson Avenue to advance.

#8 Provencher Blvd vs. #40 Kingston Row

Provencher Blvd took care of Jubilee Avenue in the first round, snagging over 70% of all votes cast, while Kingston Row upset the 25th seeded McPhillips Street.


#4 Osborne Street vs. #36 Arlington Street

In the opening round, Osborne Street cruised to an easy victory over McGillivray Blvd, getting 91% of the vote. Arlington Street defeated the 29th seeded St. Anne’s Road by only two votes to advance.

#13 St. Mary’s Road vs. #45 Stradbrook Avenue

In Round One, St. Mary’s Road beat Churchill Drive and Stradbrook Avenue upset the 20th seeded Logan Avenue.

#12 Wolseley Avenue vs. #21 Kenaston Blvd

Wolseley Avenue got 73% of the votes in its first round matchup with Dalhousie Drive, while Kenaston beat Roblin in a battle of the boulevards.

#5 Corydon Avenue vs. #28 Marion Street

In the first round, Corydon totally crushed Wall Street, and Marion outlasted Chief Peguis Trail to advance.


#2 Main Street vs. #31 Lagimodière Blvd

Main Street trounced Maroons Road in the first round, while Lagimodière outlasted Inkster Blvd.

#15 Selkirk Avenue vs. #47 Memorial Blvd

Selkirk Avenue defeated Waverley Street to open the tournament and Memorial Blvd scored an upset over the 18th seeded Salter Street to advance.

#10 Wellington Crescent vs. #23 King Street

Wellington Crescent scored a fairly pedestrian victory over Gateway Road in the first round. King Street, on the other hand, had to eke out a one-vote win over Notre Dame Avenue to advance.

#7 Ellice Avenue vs. #26 Ness Avenue

Ellice Avenue got 58% of the vote against Stafford Street, while Ness Avenue squeaked past Lombard Avenue by only three votes.


#3 Broadway vs. #35 River Road

Broadway decimated the Disraeli Freeway in the opening round, getting 92% of the vote. River Road scored a minor upset over the 30th seeded Keewatin Street to advance.

#14 Grant Avenue vs. #46 Albert Street

In the first round, Grant Avenue cruised to a win over Leila Avenue while Albert Street scored a surprise win over the 19th seeded University Crescent by a slim two -vote margin.

#11 Pembina Highway vs. #22 River Avenue

Pembina Highway opened the tournament with a win over Maryland Street and River Avenue beat Sargent Avenue to advance.

#6 Academy Road vs. #27 Higgins Avenue

In Round One, Academy Road manhandled Des Meurons Street while Higgins toppled Shaftesbury Blvd.

Episode 117: Winnipeg’s Top Street (Round One)

This is a big one, folks! We have taken 64 streets from the City of Winnipeg, and have matched them up in a giant tournament, where you the voters will get to choose Winnipeg’s Top Street! We go through all 32 Round One matchups, with @megamixdotcom providing amazing stats and facts about all of the streets. Once you’re done listening, make sure to head on over to cast your votes.

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