Winnipeg’s Top Street Division Finals

Eight streets are left as the Winnipeg’s Top Street tournament hits the home stretch. Cast yer votes now!


#1 Portage Avenue vs. #24 Taché Avenue

In the divisional semifinal, Portage Avenue got 60% of the vote in its matchup with Donald Street. Taché Avenue scored an upset over 8th seeded Provencher Blvd to advance.


#4 Osborne Street vs. #5 Corydon Avenue

Osborne Street toppled St. Mary’s Road by 18 votes in the third round, while Corydon Avenue beat Wolseley Avenue by the same margin to move on.


#2 Main Street vs. #23 King Street

Main Street beat Memorial Blvd in their divisional semifinal, while King Street easily beat the 7th seeded Ellice Avenue in yet another upset victory.


#3 Broadway vs. #6 Academy Road

Broadway held back a push from the 46th seed Albert Street to avoid the upset, and Academy Road scored yet another easy win in its matchup against River Avenue.


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