Episode 59: The Star Wars Holiday Special

In this episode, @PhilipAIver joins us to talk about The Star Wars Holiday Special. This is one of the worst things that has ever happened in the world of entertainment. Everything that we’re about to tell you about is 100% real. This was an actual thing that was put on television in 1978, and is a part of the Star Wars franchise. Come and hear about it now!



Featured Tracks

01  World Wide Interweb “Cat Sings Star Wars Theme Song” INTRO
02  Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & The Force Awakens Cast “Star Wars Medley” OUTRO

Episode 58: WrestleMania X

Lots of stuff on today’s show! In the main event, we review WrestleMania X, from March of 1994. However, we also talk at length about Winnipeg Jets fans, the media, politics, and we recap the amazing WORST SONGS TOURNAMENT! Come and check out the fun!



Featured Tracks

01  Men On A Mission “WrestleMania X Rap” INTRO
02  Bret “Hitman” Hart “Never Been A Right Time To Say Goodbye”
03  World Wrestling Federation Superstars “WrestleMania” OUTRO

Episode 56: The Worst Songs Tournament

This is our third tournament, and this time we’re looking for listeners to vote for the WORST SONGS! We have a total of 8 matchups that we’ll be taking to a Twitter poll this week, with the winners (aka losers) advancing to the next round! On this show, we set the matchups and talk about the songs! We start off with some wrestling talk, so if that’s not your cup of tea, scrub ahead to about the 20 minute mark. AND COME VOTE ON TWITTER OVER AT @Mezza9Sleepover!

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Featured Tracks

01  Kool & The Gang “Let’s Go Dancin’ (Ooh La La La)” INTRO
02  LFO “Summer Girls”
03  Sugar Ray “Every Morning”
04  Prozzäk “www.nevergetoveryou”
05  DJ Aligator “The Whistle Song”
06  Uncle Kracker “What’Chu Lookin’ At? (X-Factor)”
07  Bret “Hitman” Hart “Never Been A Right Time To Say Goodbye”
08  Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney “The Girl Is Mine”
09  Taco “Puttin’ On The Ritz”
10  C.W. McCall “Convoy”
11  Starland Vocal Band “Afternoon Delight”
12  Duran Duran “911 Is A Joke”
13  Hammer “Addams Groove”
14  Sisqó “Thong Song”
15  DJ D-Man & Billy Boy “Dooky Boody”
16  Blessid Union Of Souls “Hey, Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)”
17  Live “Freaks”
18  V.I.P. “Just My Luck”
19  David Wilcox “Layin’ Pipe”
20  Ludacris “Move Bitch”
21  KISS “Domino”
22  Crash Test Dummies “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”
23  Timex Social Club “Rumors” OUTRO

Episode 55: SummerSlam 91

First off, our apologies for the audio quality of the episode. There were technical issues, and we didn’t fix them until after recording. We’ll make sure to fix these for next week’s show.

If you can deal with the audio quality, come and listen to our review of SummerSlam ’91! A match made in heaven, and a match made in hell!

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Featured Tracks

01  Hulk Hogan & The Wrestling Boot Band “Beach Patrol” INTRO
02  Terminator X “Homey Don’t Play Dat” OUTRO

Episode 54: The Wildcard Music Challenge II

YOU ASKED FOR IT AND WE DELIVERED. Okay, you didn’t really ask for it, but we’re giving it to you anyway. It’s the second installment of the WILDCARD MUSIC CHALLENGE! @sliiiiip and @megamixdotcom each sent a list of 15 artists for the other to choose music from. Now we can listen to the results. As always, it’s a nice excuse to talk about music. Come and check it out now!

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Featured Tracks

01  Amerie “1 Thing” INTRO
02  Glenn Miller And His Orchestra “In The Mood”
03  Buckcherry “Lit Up”
04  Chicago “25 Or 6 To 4”
05  Kim Mitchell “Go For A Soda”
06  Genesis “Looking For Someone”
07  MGMT “Kids”
08  Kool & The Gang “Get Down On It”
09  Filter “The Best Things”
10  Daryl Hall & John Oates “You Make My Dreams”
11  Bryan Adams “Do I Have To Say The Words?”
12  The Police “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”
13  The Age Of Electric “Ugly”
14  Jim Johnston “Sailor”
15  Spin Doctors “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues”
16  New Kids On The Block “Cover Girl”
17  The Wallflowers “Three Marlenas”
18  Big Sugar “Better Get Used To It (Version française)”
19  Wesley Willis “Cut The Mullet”
20  Fatboy Slim “Star 69”
21  XTC “Making Plans For Nigel”
22  Travis “Re-Offender”
23  DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince “A Nightmare On My Street”
24  Electric Six “Dance Commander”
25  Arctic Monkeys “Dancing Shoes”
26  Justin Timberlake “Only When I Walk Away”
27  Kylie Minogue “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”
28  Mikal Cronin “Is It Alright”
29  Ted Leo & The Pharmacists “Timorous Me”
30  King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard “Slow Jam 1”
31  Steel Panther “Tomorrow Night”

Episode 53: The Empire Strikes Back

MOAR STAR WARS!!! As always, our pal @PhilipAIver joins us to talk Star Wars, as we review THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. And guess what? It’s fucking awesome. We had a great time talking about it, and we hope that you enjoy the discussion as well. Come and check it out!

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Featured Tracks

01  Michael Damian “Rock On” INTRO
02  Isaac Hayes “Hung Up On My Baby” OUTRO

Episode 52: Video Game Music Madness!

It’s time to talk about some of our favourite video games! We play clips and music from games and remember some of the best ones we’ve ever played. For you gaming nerds and nostalgia lovers, this is the show for you! Good luck!

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Featured Tracks

01  Buckner & Garcia feat. Jace Hall “Pac-Man Fever (Eat ‘Em Up) 2015” INTRO
02  Shinya Sakamoto “Blades Of Steel – Menu Theme”
03  Jun Funahashi “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Level 1”
04  Yukio Kaneoka “Pro Wrestling – Title Theme”
05  Masamichi Yamazaki “Pro Wrestling – Match Theme”
06  Grant Kirkhope “Perfect Dark – Combat Simulator”
07  Masato Nakamura “Sonic The Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone”
08  Rob Hubbard “NHL Hockey – Title Theme”
09  Rob Hubbard “John Madden Football 93 – Title Theme”
10  Osamu Ohta “Snow Bros – Level 1”
11  Koji Kondo “Super Mario World – Vanilla Dome”
12  Jeff van Dyck “NHL 96 – Menu 1”
13  Kazuko Umino “Bust A Move – Level 1”
14  Hiroshige Tonomura “Duck Tales – Transylvania”
15  Kenta Nagata “Mario Kart 64 – Main Theme”
16  Kenta Nagata “Mario Kart 64 – Raceways”
17  3 Stories High “Average Day”
18  Kōji Niikura “WWF No Mercy – Exhibition Menu”
19  Jeff van Dyck “FIFA International Soccer – Title Theme”
20  Jun Chikuma “Adventure Island – Level 1”
21  Kazuo Sawa “Super Dodge Ball – Title Theme”
22  Michael Hunter “The Theme From San Andreas”
23  Satoe Terashima “The Goonies II – Level 1”
24  Extreme “Hole Hearted” OUTRO

Episode 51: 1997 Mixtapes

1997 was kind of a big year for both of us, so we take a musical journey back in time to review it. SPOILER ALERT: @sliiiiip busted out some Tariq during the show. Come and give it a listen NOW!

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Featured Tracks

01  Collective Soul “Precious Declaration” INTRO
02  Third Eye Blind “Semi-Charmed Life”
03  Third Eye Blind “London”
04  Bran Van 3000 “Drinking In L.A.”
05  Ben Folds Five “Battle Of Who Could Care Less”
06  Silverchair “Freak”
07  The Chemical Brothers “Block Rockin’ Beats”
08  The Rolling Stones “Anybody Seen My Baby?”
09  Foo Fighters “My Hero”
10  Big Wreck “That Song”
11  Mötley Crüe “Brandon”
12  Sarah McLachlan “Building A Mystery”
13  Sarah McLachlan “Adia”
14  Live “Lakini’s Juice”
15  Live “Rattlesnake”
16  The Brian Jonestown Massacre “Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth”
17  Great Big Sea “The Night Pat Murphy Died”
18  Matthew Good Band “Generation X-Wing”
19  INXS “Elegantly Wasted”
20  Smash Mouth “Walkin’ On The Sun”
21  Genesis “Congo”
22  The Philosopher Kings “Oleo”
23  Oasis “D’You Know What I Mean?”
24  Veruca Salt “Volcano Girls”
25  The Prodigy “Firestarter”
26  Talk Show “Peeling An Orange”
27  Tariq “Chevrolet Way”
28  The Notorious B.I.G. “Sky’s The Limit”
29  Our Lady Peace “Superman’s Dead”
30  Our Lady Peace “Automatic Flowers”
31  Our Lady Peace “Big Dumb Rocket”
32  Our Lady Peace “Clumsy”
33  Our Lady Peace “Hello Oskar”
34  Our Lady Peace “Let You Down”
35  Our Lady Peace “Car Crash”
36  Wide Mouth Mason “Midnight Rain”
37  The Verve “Lucky Man”

Episode 50: The Geographic Music Challenge

This week, @sliiiiip came up with a list of 15 locations, and we were both tasked with finding a song from each of these locations. We share them on this week’s show! What were the locations? Which songs did we pick? Tune in to find out all of the secrets!

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Featured Tracks

01  The Chemical Brothers feat. Q-Tip “Galvanize” INTRO
02  The Guess Who “No Time”
03  JP Hoe “Start A War”
04  Maestro Fresh Wes “Conductin’ Thangs”
05  Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet “Having An Average Weekend”
06  Spirit Of The West “Political”
07  Moist “Push”
08  Avril Lavigne “Losing Grip”
09  Tegan And Sara “Boyfriend”
10  Rodriguez “I Wonder”
11  Madonna “Material Girl”
12  Styx “Babe”
13  Kanye West feat. T-Pain “Good Life”
14  The Strokes “Juicebox”
15  Public Enemy “Fight The Power”
16  Soul Asylum “Runaway Train”
17  Tapes ‘N Tapes “Just Drums”
18  ZZ Top “Gimme All Your Lovin”
19  The Mars Volta “Viscera Eyes”
20  The Offspring “Nitro (Youth Energy)”
21  Sly & The Family Stone “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)”
22  Harvey Danger “Flagpole Sitta”
23  Kenny G “Songbird”
24  Courtney Barnett “Pedestrian At Best”
25  The Vines “Ride”
26  The Police “Message In A Bottle”
27  Blur “For Tomorrow”
28  The Hives “I Hate To Say I Told You So”
29  Mew “Am I Wry? No”
30  Black Box “Everybody Everybody”
31  Desmond Dekker & The Aces “Israelites”