Episode 54: The Wildcard Music Challenge II

YOU ASKED FOR IT AND WE DELIVERED. Okay, you didn’t really ask for it, but we’re giving it to you anyway. It’s the second installment of the WILDCARD MUSIC CHALLENGE! @sliiiiip and @megamixdotcom each sent a list of 15 artists for the other to choose music from. Now we can listen to the results. As always, it’s a nice excuse to talk about music. Come and check it out now!

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Featured Tracks

01  Amerie “1 Thing” INTRO
02  Glenn Miller And His Orchestra “In The Mood”
03  Buckcherry “Lit Up”
04  Chicago “25 Or 6 To 4”
05  Kim Mitchell “Go For A Soda”
06  Genesis “Looking For Someone”
07  MGMT “Kids”
08  Kool & The Gang “Get Down On It”
09  Filter “The Best Things”
10  Daryl Hall & John Oates “You Make My Dreams”
11  Bryan Adams “Do I Have To Say The Words?”
12  The Police “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”
13  The Age Of Electric “Ugly”
14  Jim Johnston “Sailor”
15  Spin Doctors “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues”
16  New Kids On The Block “Cover Girl”
17  The Wallflowers “Three Marlenas”
18  Big Sugar “Better Get Used To It (Version française)”
19  Wesley Willis “Cut The Mullet”
20  Fatboy Slim “Star 69”
21  XTC “Making Plans For Nigel”
22  Travis “Re-Offender”
23  DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince “A Nightmare On My Street”
24  Electric Six “Dance Commander”
25  Arctic Monkeys “Dancing Shoes”
26  Justin Timberlake “Only When I Walk Away”
27  Kylie Minogue “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”
28  Mikal Cronin “Is It Alright”
29  Ted Leo & The Pharmacists “Timorous Me”
30  King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard “Slow Jam 1”
31  Steel Panther “Tomorrow Night”

The Top 15 Lists

Not interested in listening to the full podcast? Your loss! Here are the lists anyway.


Please note that the sliiiiipman’s Top 15 was not presented in any particular order because he was scared.

15  Shannon And The Clams “It’s Too Late”
14  Outtacontroller “Pizza Wolf”
13  The Babe Rainbow “Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest”
12  Tijuana Panthers “Send Down The Bombs”
11  TWRP feat. Ninja Sex Party “The Hit”
10  The Watchmakers “To Be Part Of You”
09  Hans Predator “It Ain’t Heavy”
08  Fuzz “Time Collapse II / The 7th Terror”
07  The Tailbreakers “Shake It”
06  King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard “The River”
05  Ty Segall “Drug Mugger”
04  Thee Oh Sees “Rogue Planet”
03  White Reaper “Make Me Wanna Die”
02  Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel “When The Morning Greets You With A Smile”
01  Mikal Cronin “Gold”


15  Sleater-Kinney “A New Wave”
14  Matthew Good “Amy Of Lions”
13  The Vaccines “Minimal Affection”
12  Car Seat Headrest “Times To Die”
11  Ratatat “Cream On Chrome”
10  Public Access T.V. “Monaco”
09  The Most Serene Republic “Ontario Morning”
08  American Wrestlers “Holy”
07  Kopecky “Talk To Me”
06  JAWS “Time”
05  Metric “The Shade”
04  Moving Mountains “Deathless”
03  Beck “Dreams”
02  Panama Wedding “Infinite High”
01  Best Coast “California Nights”

Oh and hay check out @megamixdotcom’s full Top 30 Songs of 2015 here.

Episode 24: Top 15 Of 2015

2015 is almost over, so we go over our Top 15 songs from the last year. Who knows if you’ll know any of them, but maybe you’ll discover something awesome and new. Come and have a listen!

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Featured Tracks

01  Chillin Krew “Too Much Fun (7″ Mix)” INTRO
02  Sleater-Kinney “A New Wave”
03  Shannon And The Clams “It’s Too Late”
04  Matthew Good “Amy Of Lions”
05  Outtacontroller “Pizza Wolf”
06  The Vaccines “Minimal Affection”
07  The Babe Rainbow “Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest”
08  Car Seat Headrest “Times To Die”
09  Tijuana Panthers “Send Down The Bombs”
10  Ratatat “Cream On Chrome”
11  TWRP feat. Ninja Sex Party “The Hit”
12  Public Access T.V. “Monaco”
13  The Watchmakers “To Be Part Of You”
14  The Most Serene Republic “Ontario Morning”
15  Hans Predator “It Ain’t Heavy”
16  American Wrestlers “Holy”
17  Fuzz “Time Collapse II / The 7th Terror”
18  Kopecky “Talk To Me”
19  The Tailbreakers “Shake It”
20  JAWS “Time”
21  King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard “The River”
22  Metric “The Shade”
23  Ty Segall “Drug Mugger”
24  Moving Mountains “Deathless”
25  Thee Oh Sees “Rogue Planet”
26  Beck “Dreams”
27  White Reaper “Make Me Wanna Die”
28  Panama Wedding “Infinite High”
29  Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel “When The Morning Greets You With A Smile”
30  Best Coast “California Nights”
31  Mikal Cronin “Gold”
32  Britny Fox “Girlschool” OUTRO

Top 25 Artists: The Lists

Over the past two episodes of the M9S, the pals listed their personal Top 25 Musical Artists of all-time. Here are their full lists!


25. LCD Soundsystem
24. Foo Fighters
23. Kings Of Leon
22. Allah-Las
21. Keane
20. The Beach Boys
19. Mikal Cronin
18. I Mother Earth
17. Oasis
16. The White Stripes
15. Elton John
14. They Might Be Giants
13. Parliament
12. The Darkness
11. Ty Segall
10. Michael Jackson
09. Spirit Of The West
08. Ben Folds
07. Stereophonics
06. Phil Collins
05. Coldplay
04. Matthew Good
03. Travis
02. Genesis
01. Peter Gabriel


25. Digital Underground
24. Suicidal Tendencies
23. Pure
22. At The Drive-In
21. Alice In Chains
20. The Strokes
19. Red Hot Chili Peppers
18. Prince
17. Hater
16. The Clash
15. Def Leppard
14. The Smashing Pumpkins
13. Sloan
12. Soundgarden
11. Led Zeppelin
10. And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead
09. The White Stripes
08. Nirvana
07. Radiohead
06. Parliament/Funkadelic
05. Pixies
04. Mystery Machine
03. Jimi Hendrix
02. Pearl Jam
01. Matthew Good

Episode 20: Top 25 Musical Artists Part 1

After you get a quick update on how #TheTournament ended, we get right into each of our all time Top 25 musical artists. We like the subject matter because it involves our two favourite topics: Music, and ourselves! We go through the artists that ranked from 25 to 11 this week, saving the Top 10 for next week’s show. Come and have a listen now!

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Featured Tracks

01  Chilliwack “Whatcha Gonna Do” INTRO
02  Living Colour “Cult Of Personality”
03  Wheatus “Teenage Dirtbag”
04  LCD Soundsystem “Time To Get Away”
05  Digital Underground “The Way We Swing”
06  Foo Fighters “My Poor Brain”
07  Suicidal Tendencies “Nobody Hears”
08  Kings Of Leon “Pistol Of Fire”
09  Pure “Anna Is A Speed Freak”
10  Allah-Las “Buffalo Nickel”
11  At The Drive-In “Sleepwalk Capsules”
12  Keane “Crystal Ball”
13  Alice In Chains “Would?”
14  The Beach Boys “I Get Around”
15  The Strokes “What Ever Happened?”
16  Mikal Cronin “Get Along”
17  Red Hot Chili Peppers “Suck My Kiss”
18  The Outhere Brothers “Boom Boom Boom”
19  I Mother Earth “Like A Girl”
20  Prince & The Revolution “When Doves Cry”
21  Oasis “Morning Glory”
22  Hater “Tot Finder”
23  The White Stripes “Stop Breaking Down”
24  The Clash “This Is Radio Clash”
25  Elton John “Levon”
26  Def Leppard “Animal”
27  They Might Be Giants “Birdhouse In Your Soul”
28  The Smashing Pumpkins “Frail & Bedazzled”
28  Parliament “Up For The Down Stroke”
29  Sloan “If It Feels Good Do It”
30  The Darkness “One Way Ticket”
31  Soundgarden “Outshined”
32  Ty Segall “The Drag”
33  Led Zeppelin “The Ocean”

Episode 06: Musical Mark Out Moments

It’s our SHORTEST EPISODE EVER. Well, we actually recorded for well over two hours, and then decided to cut the show in half. So here’s the first part, where we talk about the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Hulk Hogan, and we review our top musical mark out moments. We may reference other stuff during the show with no follow up, but that’ll all be on next week’s show. Enjoy yourselves!

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Featured Tracks

01  Kool & The Gang “Open Sesame” INTRO
02  Rush “Red Barchetta”
03  Def Leppard “Photograph”
04  The Stone Roses “I Am The Resurrection”
05  Pixies “Monkey Gone To Heaven”
06  Genesis “Behind The Lines”
07  Genesis “Duchess”
08  Genesis “Guide Vocal”
09  Matthew Good “Near Fantastica”
10  Colin James “Just Came Back”
11  The White Stripes “Ball & Biscuit”
12  Prince “Little Red Corvette”
13  Elbow “Station Approach”
14  Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under The Bridge (Live)”
15  Mikal Cronin “Change”
16  Rooney “When Did Your Heart Go Missing?”
17  LCD Soundsystem “Dance Yrself Clean”
18  Kool & The Gang “Open Sesame” OUTRO