Episode 85: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

This one is pretty straightforward. After a bit of talk about WrestleMania to start things off, we review E.T. SPOILER ALERT: It’s awesome. Come and hear it now!

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Featured Tracks

01  Andy Gibb “Shadow Dancing” INTRO
02  Yes “Starship Trooper” OUTRO


Episode 84: The Ultimate Guide to WrestleMania, Part 2

It’s Part Two of our Ultimate Guide to WrestleMania, and this week we are going through the Top 16 ranked Manias on our list. Megamix couldn’t make this week’s show, but Sliiiiip and Stu managed to hold things down. Come and hear how the shows were ranked now. Also, go back to last week’s show if you missed it to see the order on the bottom half of the list!

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Featured Tracks

01  Bruno Mars “24K Magic” INTRO
02  Sunglasses Kid feat. Phaserland “Venice Beach” OUTRO

Episode 83: The Ultimate Guide to WrestleMania, Part 1

It’s WrestleMania season! We celebrate by counting down the WrestleManias from worst to best. This week, we concentrate on the bad ones, as we go through the shows ranked 32nd to 17th. And we are joined by our pal Stu, who contributed to the rankings and who provides his comments too. It was a fun discussion, so come and have a listen. Part Two is coming next week!

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Featured Tracks

01  Break Machine “Street Dance” INTRO
02  Kool Kyle Starchild “Do You Like That Funky Beat (Ah, Beat Beat)” OUTRO

Episode 81: WrestleMania III

It’s WrestleMania season! We kick things off with a review of arguably the biggest one of them all: WrestleMania III! Hogan vs Andre! Savage vs Steamboat! Ware vs Reed! Okay, maybe not that last one so much, but it was still a very noteworthy show. Come and have a listen now!

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Featured Tracks

01  M|A|R|R|S “Pump Up The Volume” INTRO
02  Prince “Delirious” OUTRO

Episode 52: Video Game Music Madness!

It’s time to talk about some of our favourite video games! We play clips and music from games and remember some of the best ones we’ve ever played. For you gaming nerds and nostalgia lovers, this is the show for you! Good luck!

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Featured Tracks

01  Buckner & Garcia feat. Jace Hall “Pac-Man Fever (Eat ‘Em Up) 2015” INTRO
—  Donkey Kong Gameplay Sounds
02  Shinya Sakamoto “Blades Of Steel – Menu Theme”
—  Seaquest Gameplay Sounds
03  Jun Funahashi “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Level 1”
04  Unknown “Pro Wrestling – Title Theme”
05  Unknown “Pro Wrestling – Game Theme”
06  Grant Kirkhope “Perfect Dark – Combat Simulator”
07  Masato Nakamura “Sonic The Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone”
08  Rob Hubbard “NHL Hockey – Title Theme”
—  Sports Talk Baseball Gameplay Sounds
09  Rob Hubbard “John Madden Football 93 – Title Theme”
10  Osamu Ohta “Snow Bros – Level 1”
—  Gals Panic Gameplay Sounds
11  Koji Kondo “Super Mario World – Vanilla Dome”
—  Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey Gameplay Sounds
12  Jeff van Dyck “NHL 96 – Menu 1”
13  Kazuko Umino “Bust A Move – Level 1”
14  Hiroshige Tonomura “Duck Tales – Transylvania”
15  Kenta Nagata “Mario Kart 64 – Main Theme”
16  Kenta Nagata “Mario Kart 64 – Raceways”
17  Unknown “B.Rap Boys – Level 1”
18  Tommy Tallarico “WWF No Mercy – Exhibition Menu”
19  Jeff van Dyck “FIFA International Soccer – Title Theme”
20  Jun Chikuma “Adventure Island – Level 1”
—  Tiger Woods 2003 Gameplay Sounds
21  Kazuo Sawa “Super Dodge Ball – Title Theme”
22  Michael Hunter “The Theme From San Andreas”
23  Satoe Terashima “The Goonies II – Level 1”
24  Extreme “Hole Hearted” OUTRO