Episode 131: The Last Jedi

Holy smokes! We finally get around to reviewing The Last Jedi, and as always, we talk for about as long as the movie runs. To help us out, we were joined by @JetsStrolling and @cmacklive. They co-host a show called The Rants Optional Podcast, which you can find out there on iTunes, etc. Make sure to check them out!

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01  Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson “Say Say Say” INTRO
02  Stereo MCs “Step It Up” OUTRO


Episode 116: Ask M9S

Hay everyone, it’s Christmas – and what better way to celebrate than with your cherished podcasting pals! So grab a cup of eggnog, curl up by the fireplace and jingle bell rock with the Sleepover as we answer YOUR questions in a very special “Ask M9S” episode! Our gifts to you include: our initial reviews of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, thoughts on our favourite Christmas gifts ever, concerts we would travel through time to see and (of course) some wrestling talk. Feliz Navidad, fuckers!

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01  Coldcut “Coldcut’s Christmas Break” INTRO
02  Elbow “New York Morning”
03  Vanilla “Lose You”
04  Spoonie G feat. The Sequence “Monster Jam”
05  Madlib “Distant Land”
06  Christine And The Queens “Tilted”
07  Scott Grooves “Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk Remix)”
08  Ron Hawkins And The Do-Good Assassins “Peace And Quiet”
09  Mr. T “Mr. T’s Commandment”
10  The Bar-Kays “Holy Ghost”
11  Darrow Fletcher “Improve”
12  Hot & Sassy “Christmas Strutt” OUTRO

Episode 72: WAWF Promos

WARNING: If you don’t want Rogue One spoilers, skip from the 15 minute mark to the 35 minute mark of this episode. Otherwise, it’s on you.

We talk about Rogue One, and then we listen to some of the best (worst?) promos that we cut when we had out own backyard wrestling federation. So if you like movie spoilers and terrible wrestling promos with a lot of really inside references, this is the show for you!



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01  Pluto “Paste” INTRO
02  Backstreet Boys “We’ve Got it Goin’ On (Extended Radio Mix)” OUTRO

Episode 59: The Star Wars Holiday Special

In this episode, @PhilipAIver joins us to talk about The Star Wars Holiday Special. This is one of the worst things that has ever happened in the world of entertainment. Everything that we’re about to tell you about is 100% real. This was an actual thing that was put on television in 1978, and is a part of the Star Wars franchise. Come and hear about it now!



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01  World Wide Interweb “Cat Sings Star Wars Theme Song” INTRO
02  Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & The Force Awakens Cast “Star Wars Medley” OUTRO